Employee Diversification and Equality

Employee Attraction

Advantech ensures that salaries are set according to employees’ academic and professional experience, job performance, and market conditions. Salaries are not influenced by gender, race, religion, political orientation, or marital status. We have established clear recruitment strategies to strengthen our employee diversity. We have also implemented internal diverse cultivation and talent development channels to gradually reduce the differences due to employees’ physical or mental conditions. We regularly track indicators related to salaries and bonuses in each region, each job category, and employment level to ensure that we create and consolidate a diverse and fair working environment.

The talent recruitment plan, “Elite,” centers on the concept of “getting the right people on bus.” Rather than taking a task-based approach to realizing new job openings, we first identify outstanding talents and then create a suitable position for them in the company. Through our diverse recruitment channels and special projects for flexible recruitment, we attract professional talents who demonstrate innovative potential. Our Elite programs meet a wide range of abilities, from fresh recruits to industry elites rich in experience. We aim to provide outstanding talents with as much space as they need to reach their potential. In 2020, a total of 38 full-time employees were recruited through the Elite recruitment program, accounting for 11.6% of total new employees. The Elite program includes:

Elite Champion – Talent recruitment focusing on elites with high potential and at least 3 years of work experience

Elite 100 – Recruit and cultivate reserve talents with up to 3 years of work experience

Elite100 Internship – Offer universities and graduate students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to the workplace.

Free Association

In accordance with statutes and with the policy requirements of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), all Advantech employees have the right to freely associate and organize trade unions in accordance with the local laws and regulations of the countries where our Company operates. Furthermore, they have the freedom to choose to join or not to join a trade union, or to join or not to join the employee organizations formed thereby. (For example: Advantech's branch in Japan has formed a trade union, and our branch in France also has labor representatives.)
Advantech's Headquarters has maintained smooth internal communications and harmonious employee relations for many years. Although the Company has always respected the right of employees to associate freely, no employees in Taiwan have come forward to organize a labor union so far.

In addition, Advantech further respects the collective bargaining rights of employees, and employees can communicate with employers or management regarding working conditions without being subject to fear, retaliation, threats, or harassment.

In Europe, some parts of Advantech Germany (Advantech Europe B.V. and Advantech GmbH.) and Advantech Netherlands have labor unions initiated by employees (Worker Councils). They will regularly elect employee representatives from the labor union organization, and the representatives of the labor union organization will regularly hold labor-management meetings with the Company on employee-related issues. Advantech France also regularly elects labor representatives who speak out for employee-related issues and conduct labor-management meetings.

In Asia, Advantech Japan has established a trade unions the accounts for 58% of all Advantech employees in Japan (including the Japan factory). Advantech China (including factories) organizes representatives through the Employee Welfare Committee to regularly discuss and make decisions on employee welfare-related issues. Advantech Taiwan also has organized and operates an Employee Welfare Committee. In addition, Advantech's Taiwan factories (the Donghu and Linkou factories) hold regular labor-management meetings on a quarterly basis to communicate issues of labor rights and interests (including salaries, attendance and benefits, etc.), listen to the voices of colleagues, and discuss and make decisions on key issues.

Parental Leave without Pay

According to Article 16 in Taiwan’s Act of Gender Equality in Employment, after being in service for 6 months, employees may apply for parental leave without pay before any of their children reach the age of 3 years. The period of this leave is until their children reach the age of 3 years but may not exceed a period of 2 years. All employees at Advantech Taiwan are eligible to receive parental leave under Taiwan law. However, China does not have relevant laws for parental leave. In 2020, the parental leave application rate in Advantech was 3.81%, and the percentage of people returning to work after having been on parental leave was 51.5%. In 2019, the retention rate for people who had worked for Advantech for over 1 year since resuming work after parental leave was 68.8%.