Sustainability Governance

ESG Governance

Advantech released the company’s first CSR report in 2013. Related matters have been led by the Chairman, with CSR special projects reported to the Board of Directors by the Presidents. Each year, the board has been responsible for reviewing the company’s annual CSR report. While performing this review in 2020, we considered our past efforts, the resources we have used, and international trends in CSR to determine the degree to which our CSR special projects align with our core development strategies. This led us to establish the ESG & Corporate Sustainability Committee and Office, through which we hope that by considering the environmental, social, and governance aspects of our operations, we can more comprehensively cover management items that have a substantial influence on our sustainable development.

The Advantech ESG & Corporate Sustainability Committee consists of six members: the Chairman of Advantech (also the founder of the company), one external director (Donald Chang was first to serve, selected for his management experience in cross-country corporate operations), the President of General Management, the head of Quality Assurance, the VP of Auditing, and the VP of Human Resources.

The ESG Office establishes plans annually. Each year, in January, April, July, and October, it holds committee meetings to propose relevant special project plans and report on the progress of ongoing special projects or other major topics. For new special projects, work begins after the committee confirms the objectives, expected results, responsible teams, and timetable. The ESG Office regularly tracks its results and reports to the committee for improvement plans. Each year, the ESG Office also regularly reports to the Board of Directors on the issuing of the annual CSR Report, progress on critical special projects, and future plans.