Employee Development and Retention

Employee Development Strategy

Advantech offers interdisciplinary, cross-national, and diverse job opportunities as a stage for employees to develop their careers. We encourage our employees to be proactive in discovering their potential. Through job rotation, our employees can gain a more global perspective and broader range of experiences, making them more competitive in the job market. In addition to focusing on improving their career competency, we also offer them comprehensive learning courses, ranging from basic training to the sharing and inheritance of operational philosophy and cultivation of talent for mid- and high-level management positions. Through internal training mechanisms, our mission is to cultivate outstanding talent for the company to carry on our corporate culture and philosophy, thus establishing a sustainable foundation for the company’s future.

High-potential Talent Cultivation

  • Talent Meet Board

    Over 10 higher-level managers from our offices around the world were arranged to meet with board members in order to establish relations with the board and strengthen their understanding of our corporate strategy.

  • Elite Mentoring

    Our mentor system matches top-level managers with prospective middle- and higher-level talent. Over a period of 6 months in 2020, the system helped 21 middle- to higher-level talents improve their management and leadership abilities and accelerate their career development. In particular, this cross-domain and cross-department mentor–mentee exchange broadened the participants’ perspective on innovation.

  • Talent Radar Screen Review

    Annual development plans have been established for managers who demonstrate high potential for future development. The Human Resource department regularly tracks the implementation status of these plans as well as how well prospects perform. In 2020, a total of 49 high-potential talents were selected. The development project achievement rate was 93.75%, and the retention rate was 98%. In future, we plan to expand the scope of talent analysis and development. In 2021, we expect to increase the number of participants to between 100 and 200.

  • LEAP WorkOut

    The term “LEAP” is derived from four words: Learn, Experience, Alignment, and Partnership. The term also reflects the achievement of someone exhibiting a sudden and decisive increase in ability and understanding. For a range of different topics, we select talents to form special project teams. Through adopting an action learning approach and providing coaching from higher-level managers, we are able to develop and promote employees at a faster rate. In 2020, a total of 27 employees participated, 6 of whom were promoted 1 year of participation. The promotion rate was 22%.

Employee Training

Advantech values the individual characteristics and potential of each employee. We endeavor to create an environment in which employees can realize their potential and advance their career. The Advantech Institute was established based on this concept. The institute offers a series of elite cultivation education training programs, including the e-Learning platform (Learning@Advantech), ten core programs, an annual strategy workshop, technology workshops, study groups, and the Executive Talks event. In addition, in response to the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct management principles that we have incorporated, we use our company internal website and manual for new employees to communicate management regulations on anti-bribery policies and labor equality. All new employees are required to comply. In 2020, total training expenses for Advantech’s Greater China operations (Taiwan Headquarters and China) were NT$ 5,050,834 for a total of 891,017 training hours. The training hours per capita was 144 hours. The average satisfaction with the online courses was 4.88 (out of 5).

List of courses offered to Advantech employees

Course content summary
Ten core programs
Course content summary
To pass down Advantech’s systems and norms, our higher-level managers have researched and identified the most basic key knowledge and skills in the company, including five major categories: quality assurance, sales and marketing, talent cultivation research and development management, and financial value creation.
General employees
Case Studys
Course content summary
Our operations management decision-makers identify topics that are critical to the company’s overall future development, and we invite experts and scholars to hold discussions on these topics. Improvement plans are proposed and written up as corporate case studies and then used as a reference for future strategy integration.
Related operations managers
E-Learning platform
Course content summary
Employees worldwide may use our online learning platform to understand Advantech’s management philosophy and corporate culture. This gives employees the opportunity to acquire the latest learning in topics specific to their needs. Our aim is to help employees learn to overcome spatial and temporal restrictions by giving them a platform to exchange knowledge with coworkers around the world. This lets them learn from global sources while expanding their global vision and improving their relations with coworkers.
General employees
Course content summary
For the LEAP Camp, employees from around the world are invited to Advantech Headquarters for courses and training aimed at improving their knowledge and skills in special projects. In particular, the camp gives them first-hand experience regarding the company’s culture and core values. This connection and interaction is fundamental to our ability to successfully cooperate with global partners. LEAP Camp courses are specifically designed according to the job responsibilities of the participants, with major focuses on sales, marketing, and AE tracks.
New employees with 6 years’ experience or less
LEAP WorkOut
Course content summary
Senior (with more than six years of experience) managers under the Executive Coach above AVP, directly participate in highly relevant work critical issues, becoming an important program for Advantech's talents and topic innovation and implementation. Through the customized Individual Development Plan, we will accelerate the cultivation and promotion of talents, practice promote within to help Advantech grow in the future, and hope to promote high-potential managers to the next management position.
Senior (with more than six years of experience) managers
Study groups
Course content summary
We believe that having all team members read the same texts is conducive to consolidating team consensus. Therefore, we ask employees to regularly read selected texts and then convene for group study sessions. Experts, scholars, or middle to higher-level management from affiliated enterprises are also invited to introduce and develop innovative management concepts to help form key management operation strategies. For example, Advantech’s guiding principle on talent, “get the right people on the bus,” was adopted from Good to Great by Jim Collins.
Suitable employees and supervisors are selected based on topics.
Course content summary
To expand the global vision and experience of Advantech elites with regard to major or emerging markets and opportunities, we offer short-term global special projects for employees to work abroad for 3 to 6 months. This gives them a chance to grow by facing new challenges. We believe that rotating the work environment and posts of our talents will expand their worldview and give them an invaluable experience with relatively short-term tasks.
Advantech employees worldwide/employees who need to be sent abroad for 3–6 months

Salary and Benefit

Compensation Management

Advantech ensures that salaries are set according to employees’ academic and professional experience, job performance, and market conditions. Salaries are not influenced by gender, race, religion, political orientation, or marital status. To achieve the overall operation plan and the goals of the department and of individuals, we solidly understand employees’ work performance, using it as the basis for employee promotion, employee training development, and their salary adjustment. Each year, we regularly conduct performance appraisals for all employees. This consists of summarizing work results from the previous year and establishing goals for the new year. Supervisors and their subordinates work together to establish their development plans. For more details please refer to our CSR Report .

Performance Reward System

1. Market conditions : We regularly refer to salary survey reports to assess the status of each operation base and salary standard to plan a suitable salary structure to ensure market competitiveness.
2. Performance appraisal : Each year, we regularly conduct performance appraisals for all employees. This consists of summarizing work results from the previous year and establishing goals for the new year. Supervisors and their subordinates work together to establish their development plans. Performance appraisal results then form a basis for employee promotion, training development, and salary adjustment. Performance appraisals are not influenced by gender, race, religion, political orientation, or marital status.

Employee Welfare System

We comply with relevant laws and provide various insurances and benefits, including superannuation, group insurance, and overseas travel insurance for business trips to ensure that employees are safe and healthy at work and in their personal lives.

We realize that life shouldn’t be all about work. We sincerely hope that all of our employees can maintain physical and mental health and a sense of personal happiness, and for this we offer a range of welfare projects. For example, we provide 5 days paid sick leave, allow staff to have daily tea breaks with all-you-can-drink beverages, host seasonal birthday parties, and provide department-based dining subsidies to build positive relations among colleagues and create a more positive team atmosphere. We also organize art and cultural activities such as exhibitions and performances to cultivate diverse interests and help employees maintain a balanced and relaxed life.

A. Insurance

Taiwan: Provide group insurance consisting of term life insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance.

Term life insurance: The coverage for each employee is 24 times their monthly salary, up to NT$10 million.
Health insurance: Includes accident insurance, hospital room and board insurance, and cancer hospital room and board insurance.
Accident insurance: Coverage for each employee is 24 times their monthly salary, up to NT$10 million. This includes insurance for severe burns and scalds, transportation incidents, and death from fire or drowning.

Kunshan: Provide employer liability insurance, consisting of death from illness, death from incidents at work, and medical fee reimbursement.

Death from illness: RMB150,000/year.
Death from incidents at work: RMB150,000/year (for people with social insurance) and RMB500,000/year (for people without social insurance).
Medical fee reimbursement: Outpatient clinic: RMB1000/year. Inpatient: RMB10,000/year.

B. Retirement system

Taiwan: For employees under the old system, we contribute 2% of their total monthly salary to a special account for retirement funds at the Bank of Taiwan. For those under the new system, we contribute 6% of their monthly salary to a special account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance. In 2020, the total annual contribution amounts were NT$8,618,664 under the old system and NT$138,581,005 under the new system. For more details, please refer to the 2020 Annual Report.

Kunshan: Advantech adheres to China’s regulations on retirement. Employees who have paid for statutory social insurance for 15 years are eligible for a monthly pension when they retire. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment Contracts states that the age of retirement is 60 years for men and 50 years for women.

C. Employee stock ownership

Every 2 years, we offer stock ownership certificates for upper managers and outstanding employees. After receiving stock subscription certificates for 2 years, employees may subscribe to stocks (which may be accumulated) according to terms and conditions. For more details, please refer to the 2020 Annual Report.


Advantech Beautiful LifE Co-creating a happy enterprise with the Lita spirit

To achieve comprehensive employee care and service and to realize the spirit of work, learning, and love, Advantech integrates organizations such as employee relationship management, foundations, and the Employees’ Welfare Committee. Through the ABLE Club, which takes its not from “Advantech Beautiful LifE,” we invite employees, their families, and the public to participate in various innovative activities and special projects. It is our mission to build a beautiful life for everyone, together.

In 2020, a total of 1,000 people participated in clubs, with over NT$6.5 million invested.

Advantech ABLE Club framework

A music teacher from Chiayi Zhuwei Elementary School is grateful for being gifted boomwhackers by the Music Club.

The principal of Chiayi Dayou Elementary School combined people’s gifts with reading education to encourage children to form the good reading habits.

The Road Runner Club
2020 Road-running Experience Day
  • NTC社
    NTC Club
    NTC Aerobic Day
  • 羽球社
    Badminton Club
    Badminton Parent–Children Camp
  • 愛心社
    Volunteer Club
    Ocean Music Day Beach-cleaning Activity
  • 音樂社
    Music Club
    Performing at the Ocean Music Day Beach-cleaning Activity

Award Highlights

2020 Outstanding Public Relations Award: Employee Relations Communication Award Outstanding Award
2020 Buying Power First Prize