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Advantech Corporate Citizenship Policy

Starting from Advantech‘s own core capabilities, we apply IoT technology to cultivate the field ofintelligent medical care and assist in the practice of SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being). Beyond this, we additionally respond to topics in SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) and SDG 4 (Quality Education). We offer long-term support for IoT education and each item of innovative education (including schools and social education), hoping to provide a better learning experience and benefits for Taiwanese children, teenagers, and youth. For social welfare, Advantech has been committed to the development of traditional culture for many years. This also echoes SDG 4 in that we promote education in national arts and literature. In addition to continuing to support the cultivation of outstanding talent with professional schools and art and literature teams, we also actively promote the aesthetic quality of all people. In the future, we will also expand our support to cultivate talent in other fields of art creation in Taiwan, enhancing Taiwan’s artistic soft power.

Listing of Social Benefit Expenditures of the Foundation in 2021

ACT Active and Creative Teaching Story Drama Volunteer Group ACT Active and Creative Teaching Story Drama Volunteer Group

Medium and Long Term Goals

We take as “enabling an intelligent and sustainable planet, becoming a brand enterprise of truth, goodness and beauty, and facilitating sound social development in which technology and the humanities go hand in hand” as our goals. Accordingly, from 2022 to 2025, we will continue to deepen our involvement in the issues of intelligent medical care and Internet of Things education on basis of the Company's core capabilities. Furthermore, we will increase the proportion of activity expenses going toward arts and cultural activities and charity activities that combine social development and strengthen the connection with the company‘s employees. Gradually reducing aid-type donations, we shall plan annual cooperation on key projects such as “Internet of Things innovation research and development,” "artistic talent cultivation," "traditional culture development," "new media art development,“ and ”innovative education support.“

All projects of the foundation have been approved by the Board of Directors. And according to the appropriateness, we can effectively bring together the community for a response, or we can invite employees, customers, and manufacturers to participate together with all stakeholders.

Medium and Long Term GoalsMedium and Long Term Goals

Telehealth Charity Program

In response to severe COVID-19 pandemic conditions in Taiwan starting from May 2021, medical institutions and care institutions have been on high alert. Advantech has been sponsoring telehealth solutions in a charity model, combining telehealth video carts and telehealth software to help medical staff quickly establish a noncontact medical care model.Advantech's AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart is equipped with a high-definition lens, speaker microphone, and 21.5-inch clinical-grade touch screen computer, it features mor than just high mobility. It can be touched with gloves, the whole machine can be cleaned and disinfected, and it does not need to be charged for up to 10 hours. As such, it can be quickly applied to a COVID-19 isolation ward. As a platform for medical staff to provide remote care for isolated patients, this significantly reduces the risk of infection for medical care. Moreover, residents of care institutions who cannot conveniently visit a hospital due to the pandemic can, with the assistance of a nurse, use a video cart with an ENT mirror and other examination equipment to have a physician see the patient from a remote location. Family members can even visit from a distance through video, offering a solution to the problem of strict prohibitions of visitors in care institutions during the pandemic. During this period, the isolation ward of Taipei Veterans General Hospital used the AMiS-72 to initiate cross-team remote care. This facilitated immediate social worker interventions to successfully encourage isolated patients to let go of the idea of suicide. In addition, in the case of a confirmed patient who was admitted to the isolation ward of Mennonite Christian Hospital with their three-month-old son, high-quality video not only facilitated spiritual support and nursing assistance but also online reunions with family.

Telehealth Charity Program Telehealth Charity Program

IoT Education and Industry-University Co-Creation

As a world-renowned and leading company for industrial computers and the Internet of Things, Advantech takes IoT talent cultivation as the focus of our business competitiveness and enterprise sustainability. Therefore, our vision is to popularize and deepen IoT education by promoting various industry-university projects, including:

IoT Education and Industry-University Co-Creation IoT Education and Industry-University Co-Creation

We hope to use the composition of four projects to achieve IoT universal education, IoT thematic learning and innovation, IoT career exploration, and IoT research and long-term cooperation. With a multi-pronged and simple-to-understand model, the gap between industry and academia is eliminated, and the new generation of talent and innovative energy in the Internet of Things are cultivated. Furthermore, this provides academic research into the possibility of industrial development, creating more employment opportunities as well as facilitating many other projects.

Promoting innovation and co-creation in the Industrial Internet of Things industry Promoting innovation and co-creation in the Industrial Internet of Things industry

Sustainability and Innovation Education

The Advantech Foundation has long supported sustainable and innovative education, hoping to provide a better learning experience and benefits for Taiwanese children, teenagers, and youth. Furthermore, we are committed to cultivating future talent through the promotion of a range of projects whose content include:

ACT Dreamers: Since 2020, the Foundation has invested resources to hold the "ACT Dreamer" activity to cultivate three major abilities among students of "action," "creativity," and "teamwork." Through the process of students forming their own teams and searching for their dreams, the activity process encourages children to experience and observe social issues surrounding their lives and propose creative action plans to implement their dreams. In 2021, the original sponsorship scope was expanded and divided into a dream take-off group and a dream pilot group of elementary and middle schools, and student empowerment courses were added to cultivate students' thematic exploration and learning ability in terms of project-based learning (PBL). Students were also encouraged to align with UN SDG sustainability indicators and discuss life issues in depth. In 2021, student teams focused on topics including health, ecology, local innovation, education and learning, stray animals, and so on. The Foundation hopes that through these activities, we might sow the seeds of innovative action and provide opportunities for students to care about society while developing problem-solving skills.

ACT ESG Impact Program: This program is a collaborative platform to provide a stage for young students to realize their dreams, established by a number of companies that have long been concerned about sustainability, environmental friendliness, and social innovation. It is hoped that through this industry-universitycollaboration program, companies will design topics for various ESG indicators while combining industry resources with the creativity and enthusiasm of the younger generation. Let us encourage the younger generation to propose sustainable solutions on corporate ESG issues, and work together with companies on various issues to contribute to a better future and to the next generation!

Sponsoring High-Quality Sustainable Education Platforms: Invested funds support high-quality education teams such as Junyi Academy, Education Support for Taiwan, PaGamO, and other teams; and they provide educational resources to the public in addition to school education.

Hsinchu/Miaoli Rural Care Scholarship: we cooperate with schools in rural mountainous areas and disadvantaged areas of Hsinchu and Miaoli to develop scholarship programs, where a selection committee is set up by the school to select outstanding and diligent students to receive subsidies.

Sponsorship of the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts: Since 2015, Advantech has continued to vigorously support the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, sponsoring the graduation performances of the Department of Folk Arts, the Peking Opera troupe and the stunt troupe‘s advanced skills training, expanding the performance stage for students engaged in traditional arts and culture, and increasing the visibility of traditional opera. In order to encourage skilled students to continue to study hard, we have sponsored the Department of Folklore Arts to establish the “Advantech ABLE Elite Award” Art Scholarship to commend outstanding students.

GuoGuang Opera Company Youth Talent Cultivation Program: In order to relieve the talent gap in Peking Opera and focus on training for potential young talent, we target and recruit talent and cultivate new up-and-comers from among official members and youth reserve members of the GuoGuang Opera Company and from among students of the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts.

Charity art galleries and art salons: In order to promote national aesthetics, we select high-quality teams every year for support and sponsorship while encouraging highquality tours to promote national appreciation and popularization. We have also set up a gallery space in the Company and invited artists to set up exhibitions so as to enhance artistic and cultural contact between colleagues and VIP visitors.

Sustainability and Innovation Education Sustainability and Innovation Education