Customer Service

Customer Service and Partner Cocreation

Advantech first proposed the concept of “Co-creation” in 2017. As we meet our clients’ needs and provide them our services, we also view them as partners. We invite them to cooperate through innovating technology, products, business models, marketing, and other activities.

Trend and Strategy Sharing

At Advantech Headquarters, we hold the World Partner Summit every 2 years, which is a large summit with over 1,000 participants. Branch offices worldwide also hold large client forums, meetings, exhibitions, and distributor conferences annually. It is through these activities that we share with our clients the latest company development strategies, technology breakthroughs, and new product releases. We also invite industry experts to share industry insights and market future visions. In addition, we invite key clients to be speakers to talk about IoT applications from a client perspective.
In 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic, all Advantech activities were conducted online instead. We launched the Advantech Connect forums series, which involved holding six forums around the world for a total of 95 talks. Over 85,000 people signed up, and nearly 20,000 people were online for the live broadcast. (These figures only included Chinese and English sessions. They do not include Advantech online forums in other languages, nor do they include people who watched the talks later.)
Data analysis of the online forums (e.g., the number of people registered for each forum, maximum number of people online at once, mean viewing duration, and peak viewing hours) helps Advantech Headquarters understand reginal market preferences and trends. Through online interactions with clients and having them provide a satisfaction rating and feedback for each session, we can understand their needs and expectations and know how effective we have managed this materiality–customer service and partner cocreation. Also, employees and clients from different regions can also clearly see our development goals and growth strategies.

Partner Co-creation

In 2020, Advantech commenced 19 cocreation projects in locations such as Taiwan, China, and Switzerland. These projects were in domains including energy saving in buildings, substation management, environmentally friendly water treatment, public safety for 5G, and automated driving. Through investment, technology cooperation, business model counseling, WISE-PaaS platform resources, business opportunity matching, and collaborative deployment of overseas channel, we are able to cocreate innovative IoT applications with our partners.
Advantech also spares no effort in supporting startups. Through sponsoring domestic and foreign accelerators and incubators and directly providing resources, technology counseling, and business counseling to startup teams, we hope to stimulate the growth of the IoT industry ecology and make it more diverse.

Client Rights and Privacy

To ensure that Advantech’s products meet international regulations and our clients’ needs, we regularly review our compliance with environmental health and safety regulations, and we also provide regulations on fair trade and antitrust clauses in our Employee Code of Conduct. In recent years, there has been no violation of relevant regulations or standards in marketing and communications, nor has there been any breach of the Employee Code of Conduct. To ensure that we can effectively respond to our clients’ questions, our client service personnel are required to respond to client complaints within 3 business days.
Advantech’s service platform collects various data so as to operate effectively and to offer the best experience possible with our products. We comply with all regulations on privacy. To enhance privacy, we have built in technological and procedural safeguards designed to prevent certain data combinations.
For more information on our privacy policies, please refer to