Industry–academia Collaboration

Goals and Strategies

As an internationally leading corporation in industrial computers and IoT technology, Advantech considers the cultivation of IoT talent a critical development point in maintaining corporate competitiveness and sustainability. It is therefore our vision to popularize and deepen IoT education in the wider community. We proactively promote various special projects in industry–academia cooperation, hoping to leverage our core technology in industrial IoT (IIoT) to lead our employees, supply chain partners, and academic units to co-create Industry 4.0 solution plans. Our mission is to create new value in achieving sustainability for society, the environment, and the Earth. It is our hope that we can leverage our core abilities to realize our corporate social responsibilities and to develop a sustainable corporation.

We have set a goal for 2025 to support AIoT education in 50 universities worldwide. As a part of this, we launched the WISE-PaaS@Education industry–academia cooperation project. By providing our IIoT technology and resources, we support universities around the world with cultivating innovative talents, thereby reducing the gap between learning and application. Through this cooperation, we are also able to explore the innovative capacities of emerging talent, further enabling us to help the IoT industry thrive.

The WISE-PaaS@Education project is planned by the Corporate Sustainability Development Office and implemented by each regional office. Two main axes of the AIoT Developer InnoWorks and Elite100 Internship projects (see below) are utilized to plant the seeds of industry–academia cooperation. Through long-term cooperation with the National Chiao Tung University IoT and Intelligent Systems Research Center, we are also able to focus on key industry topics, driving the overall industry transformation in Taiwan.

IoT Industry–academia Projects

AIoT Developer InnoWorks

This project offers free industry-level IoT platforms and online training resources to encourage students to sharpen their programming skills to help make the world cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more convenient.

Elite100 Internship

This project based internship program incorporates the design thinking methodology from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University. Students are given access to resources such as Advantech’s product managers, marketing team, Advantech executives, and external mentors so they can experience the entire innovation design process.

National Chiao Tung University IoT
and Intelligent Systems Research Center

This center is a long-term industry–academia cooperation platform. It integrates the core capacities of both industry and academia, effectively leading Taiwan’s industry transformation. It adopts a model based on industry presenting problems and academia providing the solutions, thus connecting academia and industry experts so they can solve key topics and cultivate innovative talent.

2020 Achievements in Industry–academia Collaboration

Responding to SDGs

Facilitating innovation and co-creation in IIoT industry

Business drivers

Facilitating innovation and co-creation in IIoT industry


Business Benefit KPI

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI

National Chiao Tung University IoT and Intelligent Systems Research Center

Business Benefit KPI 6 cooperated research special projects from Research Center, focusing on industrial AI application, including Using Meta-Learning on PHM for vibration data, Anomaly Detection for Industrial Time Series Data, Effective Data Augmentation with AI, AFS Auto-Retraining, Edge AI-Model Compression.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Cultivating innovative IoT talents through industry–academia collaboration projects : 4 IoT industry elite PhD students and 6 industry–academia master’s students was sponsored by the program.

AIoT Developer InnoWorks

Business Benefit KPI 46 competition proposal by InnoWorks IoT competition, topics involving Public health, Solar, Wind power, Drone, Smart Agriculture, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Smart Classroom.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Providing opportunities for students to sharpen their programming skills through competition: 14 schools 182 students around the world have participated in InnoWorks IoT competition.

Elite100 Internship

Business Benefit KPI 5 major research proposals by corporate interns including iFactory, Building Energy Management System, Building Inspection and Dispatch Services, Next Generation Drive-Thru Service, Telehealth Solution with Multiple Applications.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Cultivating innovative IoT talents by internship through which students can gain workplace experience: 17 corporate interns in 2020.

Highlight Reviews

Experience sharing from the 2020
InnoWorks Malaysia winning team

Team members: NG Kheng Hui, CHOO Yun Bei, and YONG Yu Hong
Field and topic: Smart agriculture—Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring
Problem: Food shortage crisis due to population growth
Solution plan: Using IoT systems to remotely monitor the growth rate of plants and environmental parameters on farms in real time, thereby improving crop quality and yield. Data can be used to drive agricultural management.

A message from the team:
“This project gave us a chance to come in touch with real industry, and we learned more about how the real world operates.” –Yong Hui
“Advantech provided a platform that we had never used before. This was a great opportunity. We were able to experience in person the technology professionals in the industry are currently using.” –Yun Bei

2020 Elite100 Internship
Sharing from the Smart Medicine Team

We conducted field surveys in various hospitals and investigated typical scenarios for different medical fields, including dermatology, home care, long-term care, and institutional care. We were able to optimize a service procedure used in telemedicine and we also innovated the software interface they used. Smart IoT has broadened our vision, making us feel like pioneers in a new world.
Interns: Jim, Sebastian, Holly, News, Wilson, and Leon