Sustainable Intelligent Solutions

Goals and Strategies

In 2010, Advantech proposed the vision of “enabling an intellectual planet.” In addition to continuing to innovate and broaden the range of our products, we also proactively cooperate with upstream and downstream partners to cocreate solutions specific to various industries. In 2016, Advantech proposed the WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT Cloud Platform and provided a low-code application framework. Industry partners can now quickly and easily create industrial apps (I.Apps) and integration solutions via the WISE-Marketplace one-stop IIoT app market.

Advantech’s hardware, software, I.Apps, and integration solutions consist of various products designed for specific applications, such as in energy (solar energy, wind energy, smart grids, electric vehicle charging stations, building energy-saving, and energy-saving monitors), flood and disaster prevention, sewage treatment, remote education, public safety (smart street lighting, transportation safety), public health, telemedicine, smart medicine, cold chain management (food safety), smart agriculture, information security, and cloud computing. In 2021, our worldwide revenue for the sale of products used for sustainable purposes accounted for 12.1% of our total revenue.

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